Sunday, January 14, 2007

iPhone Demo

iPhone Demo Video

This is the first ever Apple iPhone demo video taken from MAC World showcase in san francisco. It's a telecast of CBS news with Jack Blackstone reporting. It shows how the features of the iPhone is used. Here is some of what you will see in this iPhone video demo.

You will just have to just touch the screen to use all the iPhone features. You can scroll with the touch pad screen.
How to make phone calls, He also shows how to use the voicemail, how to use the ipod and how to play the music and videos as well as searching music by artist and song.

With photos and videos when you rotate the iPhone the sensor detects it and the screen of the picture will face the way you have your iPhone facing.
You can change the size of the picture by zooming in and out with the touch of the screen.
He also covers how to surf the web with internet plus more. The iPhone will go on sale in June for $499.00

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