Sunday, February 25, 2007

The Apple iPhone

The Apple iPhone - State of the Art Technology

Apple has been a big player in the consumer electronics market for years, with the release of the iPod. Apple is also well established as an innovator and trend setter in personal computer product development. Renowned for quality and usability, Apple's new product introductions typically receive positive reception from the buying public.

Now Apple is setting a new standard in the highly competitive mobile phone market with the introduction of the Apple iPhone. Packed with custom features, the iPhone also includes Apples reputation for quality and usability. Features include digital music files as well as digital video capabilities, and of course the digital camera function.

Other features include virtual keyboard with wireless internet connectivity. Sensors integrated into the mechanism allow the keyboard to distinguish between your finger and unwanted larger objects in your pocket or the side of your face during use. So the keyboard only will react to the push of your fingertip.

The iPhone is so loaded with features - it seems the engineers at Apple have thought of everything. It's a phone, personal computer, digital camera . Apple has packed so much into such a small package, including Apples platinum reputation for quality and durability. Apple is poised to take its place as the new leader in the cellular phone market with the iPhone.

The iphone is scheduled for release to the marketplace in June of two-thousand and seven, with price of $499 for 4 GB model and $599 for the 8 GB model. It can be purchased from one of Apples stores or from Cingular wireless. The iPhone is a phone truly worth waiting for.

With the iPhone, Apple has once again demonstrated the ability to stay ahead of market demand with visionary research and product development. The iPhone is expected to set a new standard in what is to be expected from a cellular phone.

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