Sunday, February 25, 2007

Apple's iPhone Marketing

Apple's iPhone: A Whole New Type of Marketing

Apple's iPhone will be offered to consumers in June of 2007 with the whopping price tag ranging from $500 to $600. The iPhone represents a new level in personal technology that brings touch screen abilities, cellular phone usage, and personal computer capabilities into individual's hands. Because this technology will be in the hands of millions this also makes it an effective marketing medium.

Think of the average business professional who uses his iPhone to call clients, schedule meetings, browse the internet, keep PowerPoint presentations, send text messages, watch movies, play video games, listen to music, etc. The iPhone will become to his/her their mobile computer that will be an important piece to his/her life. Wouldn't it make sense for marketing companies to use the iPhone to get their messages across as well?

Since the iPhone has so many different types of uses and may possibly collect data on its customers it is possible to target certain demographics using a multitude of messages. This marketing mix could include phone calls, text messages, internet advertising, direct mail (information taken from point of purchase), advertising on the software of the program itself, messages in movies, etc. It is now possible to cover many different types of mediums allowing iPhone users to exclusively be the recipients of these messages.

A very important aspect of the iPhone marketing program will be the collected data from the users. For example, a particular high-tech type of consumer will purchase the phones. When they bring the phone to the store counter they will reveal information about themselves, when they fill in their personal information on the iPhone they will reveal something about themselves, and during their normal activities on the iPhone they will reveal something about themselves. This collected information will give a marketing company superb advertising power that is sure to be a major portion of their revenue.

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dave said...

Almost a year out from your post, fun to look back. The iPhone is looking better everyday. A great success for Apple. Looking forward to the SDK and coming iPhone apps